Sunday, February 25, 2007


This is the nite of the Oscars. I am in LA. Hollywood is here. Just 20 minutes ride from Hermosa. But of course I won't go there. No way that I will spend my night there. A way to see it is that nobody really invited me there, and I am not used to go to a party if I am not invited. An other way to see it is that tonight I prefer to cook with my Tina some couscous with vegetables and enjoy a red wine. An other way again to see it, is that anyways tonight those guys in the Kodak Theatre won't give the Oscar awards according to my taste. My taste? OK. I know, I am little bit biased. But this is my vote. Best movie ever made: Pulp Fiction. Best Leading Actor: John Travolta (Pulp Fiction). Best Supporting Actor: Samuel L Jackson (Pulp Fiction). Best Supporting Actress: Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction). Best Soundtrack: Pulp Fiction. Best director: Quentin Tarantino (Pulp fiction). Best Script Ever: Pulp Fiction. Best Scene: Royal with Cheese (Pulp Fiction). OK, for the best scene ever, you can judge ... ... Ok, there are other scenes which are great. But to me this is the best. What else!? Mmmm ... I almost forgot. If you really want to give an award to Best Foreign Movie, the best one can only be Italian. I have three movies in mind. La Vita e' bella - Life is Beautiful (Oscar in 1998). Mediteranneo (Oscar award in 1991). Ladri di Biciclette - Bicycle Thieves. It is the masterpiece of the Italian neorealism. It is a B&W 1948 movie. Probably I would vote for the last one. Yes. Ladri di Biciclette is probably the best movie ever. After Pulp fiction, of course ... :D

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