Thursday, May 10, 2007


The difficult part of the day yesterday was supposed to be in the morning, when I had to present some work to my customer here in Columbia, SC. But that turned out to be the easy part. The challenging part was waiting for me at the airport. The substropical storm Andrea is hitting the South of the US. So our flight got delayed once. Delayed twice. Delayed three time. And when it was 10PM. Bang. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sorry to inform you that the flight to the DFW airport has been cancelled". I can't even complain. The storm has my name. Andrea. Next flight available is at 6AM. And I have even diverted to an other airline. So I had to organize myself. Go to get my luggage. At that point, I was hungry and in this small airport everything closes soooo bloody early. So I thought to get some delivery food. But can you get delivery food in an airport? So, I went to a rental car booth and I ask to the girl there if she could call a pizza delivery for me. And it did work. Yep ... I got my veggie pizza deliver for me to the airport ...
... and I had to eat it using my mighty luggage as table. Pretty funny situation. But I really liked it. I didn't sleep a sh*t all night. But who cares. I had plenty of night full of sleep in my life ... :)

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