Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The city seen from the sky are something special. I love them. And I loe to take picturs of them by the airplane windows. Today I was on my way to Richmond, VA and I had a stop over in Chicago. A very fast stop over. But I guess it was worthwhile for the beauty of the view over the city and the lake ...... and it is true what I was told. It is a lake, but is so big, that it looks like an ocean. BTW the tiny American Eagle airplane where I was in, started bouncing in the air, while we were trying to land in Richmond, because of an heavy storm. Really scary. People start shouting. I didn't do it. But I was not very far from it. Definitely, the scariest flight ever for me. At a certain point I really thought this picture of Chicago, was going to be the last of my life. Fortunately for us, the pilots in the cockpit knew what they were doing ... :D

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Anonymous said...

great picture.... great city.... quite different than LA...

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