Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I got to the deserted Richmond, VA airport. And believe me, I have never seen such an empty airport. To give you an idea, I think you could expect something like that big so empty only if you will manage to move the Rome St. Peter church to Saudi Arabia ...... and the corousel of my flight was even more depressing than the empty terminal. Completely empty. My luggage didn't show up. It was lost. They lost my luggage ...The problem is that I am always flying in relaxed cloths. Teared jeans, flip flop and sweatshirt. But of course because I am here to meet a customer, I need something formal. Slacks, shirt and black shoes. So I went to the lost & found office. And I have to say that this was my lucky day. I told to the guy my problem, and he told me "I understand. No problem sir. You have $100 to spend in cloths". For $100 you don't really buy a lot, but I went straight to Macey's and they had a sale. So I had some good bargain. I spent $140, but I got some good stuff for me ...So now I have a new outfit, basically paid by American Airlines ... :) ... and they also delivered me my luggage!

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