Sunday, May 06, 2007


Before this trip I didn't really know much about the history of Virginia. I knew that even if to me, geographically, looks very much a Northern State, during the Civil war it was part of the South. And that Richmond, VA was actually the Capital of the South. But this trip really help me to learn a lot more than that. The excuse to visit Williamsburg, VA just few miles north of Jamestown, VA convince me that this state was really used to be really rich. Most of its wealth came from the tobacco crops and trade. The colonial Williamsburg, VA is today a big touristic attraction. And a visit it is definitely a good idea if you are around. The city is really very well restored. First of all the "locals" ... who are really trying hard to convince the tourist that Williamsburg, VA is really a special place. A Disneyland type of approach? Maybe. But you know what? It works ...

And the building are really very well restored. The style it very much "they look new" ... but even this is not a big deal. Here some of the buildings that I like the most ...

I have to admit it. The West coast to me is the best part of the US There is where you really feel you are in a special place. There is nothing like the open spaces and the National Parks and the explosive nature of the West. But time to time it is really nice to spend an afternoon wandering in an old city. Even if it is only 300 years old.

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