Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Try to say "yeast". Can you? Really? Good for you. I really can't. I mean I can say that, but of course the chances that someone will understand me are close to ... mmm ... 50%. I know it is embarrassing, but that's the truth. I mean, there are sounds that are really too hard for my mouth. I guess it is the way my mouth got developed with all those Italian words I used to pronounce since I was born. I am trying hard, but that's the reality. Anyways, I guess you wonder why the hell I need some yeast, right? Mmmm ... basically i decided that the bread that I am buying everyday is basically sh*t full of preservatives and I want to try to make it by myself. So I went to buy some yeast tonight ... and of course even if the guy at the supermarket was Mexican he didn't get my accent ... so I told him ... yeast, the stuff that you put in the grow the flour and make bread ... anyways this is what I got ...... but once I got home and I started browsing on Internet I found a recipe which doesn't require dry yeast. If you are curious ... and you can read Italian ... here the link. Basically the idea it to have the flour grow naturally with the enzyme which are present in the air. The only thing that you really need is a fruit which is close to be rotten close enough to the flour. As a matter of fact I had an old lemon that I was throwing away when I read the recipe. So I decided to go for this recipe without dry yeast. Let's see ... this is what I got so far ...... the process to make this natural bread requires several days ... and when I told about it to a friend by SMS tonite ... she replied me back ... better you start eating the NUTELLA before the bread will be ready ... probably she is right ... :D

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