Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today I was discussing with Jake about all the things that we care the most and among these ... we spoke about environment and pollution ... and how our civilization is destroying our planet and how we should do something about it ... like for example become vegetarians in order to force a more efficient use of our planet resources and decrease the CO2 emissions ... and how we should be more energy consumption conscious ... and how I was impressed by the way the glaciers are shrinking in Patagonia ... and by how I was impressed that finally a politician like Al Gore ... could make a movie like "An Inconvenient Truth" ... after that ... we went to the pier to see a live Reggae music concert ... and after some beer we were really hungry and when we have found that Los Muchachos (i.e. our favorite Mexican restaurant) was closed we went to get a yummy 1/2 lb cheeseburger ... and once home, with Jason, we setup the fire in the fireplace ... also this is an inconvenient truth, I guess ... :o

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