Thursday, January 04, 2007


Not sure if anybody cares, but the first batch of home made bread has been a major fiasco. Without dry yeast it didn't really grow. I baked it anyways, and I ate it ... not totally bad ... a kind of matzo (Jewish passover) bread ... :)


Anonymous said...

Of course somebody cares... :-)
Baking one's own bread is extremely nice... Let apart sparing money, it gives a feel of warmness, of old times, when people used to prepare almost any food at home.
Instead of trying the most difficult way to prepare the bread, never thougt about buying directly a baking machine?
It doesn't really make a big difference with respect to prepare it "with naked hands".
Two Christmas ago I received one, which I really love. The bread comes out _wonderful_; and you can fully "customize" it! :-)
Andrea, Milan, Italy ("the 3rd Andrea of the day"...)

Andrea said...

Tihs weekend has been really busy ... but promised ... this week I will try again ... :) XA

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