Saturday, January 20, 2007


Jake is back again. This time is a complete surprise. His company sent him here to LA for few days and of course we just love it. He will be here for three days with us. And we are just happy. And guess with which airline did he fly today?Yep, you got it. I think I gave to Jake the idea to take the airline blankets as asouvenir ofmemorable trips. Or maybe no. Anyways, I have only 2 of them. I took them on my first flight with Hawaiian Airlines. I took them to remember my first flight to Hawaii. One blanket for the flight LAX - Honolulu and an other for the flight Honolulu - LAX. January 2004. Exactly 3 years ago. That has been such an incredible trip. Being sent to Hawaii to work for two weeks. I think that trip changed my life. Too long to explain why. But it did it.

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