Friday, January 12, 2007


Friday night for us is pretty much always Pitcher House ... our favorite bar in Hermosa ... favorite because we can walk there from our place, there is no line, people is really easygoing, there is always good live music and there are Foosball and pool tables and it is probably the only bar where I can actually speak and know new people ... tonite was more a pool than a Foosball nite. I am really tired of bars where the only thing you can do is to drink and to hit on girls. Honestly I am not really good at pool, but slowly slowly I am learning something ... today my mentor has been Yann ... who is definitely muuuuch better than me ...

... an other funny thing about the Pitcher House is that it is so full of trash ... old stuff hanging anywhere ... this is a sign that I don't really know where they got ...... according to Leif, it says something like ... Do not remove the water because is needed by the cooling system ... :O

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