Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I guess from mistakes you can learn more than from successes. So, this is pretty much the picture of the mistake I did last Sunday ...The story goes that a couple of weeks ago I did freeze in pieces a fresh french baguette that I bought in the supermarket. And last Sunday I put a piece in the microwave. Definitely the cooking time was too long. And that was my first mistake. I left while the bread was defrosting. That was my second mistake. I am not sure what was inside that lovely looking fresh french baguette. I guess it was a lot of butter and other type of fat. The result was disgusting ... a acrid smoke of burned butter in the house forever ... after 3 days we still can't get rid of the smell ... so today I decided that I had to pursue in my plan to make homemade bread. This is the dough I prepared, this time done with proper dry yeast ...... but once the dough grew up ... instead of the bread I decided to go for something more yummy ... a homemade pizza. Very simple. And very good. It really tasted like the ingredients I put in. Fresh tomato, mozzarella, xvirgin olive oil and basil ...... and you know what!?!? I am really glad I burned that piece of baguette ... it gave the push to do something I Knew I needed to do, but that I was too lazy to start. And now I just hope the acrid smell will go away from our kitchen .. :o

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MM said...


....mmmmmm....I would like to try your homemade pizza !??!?



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