Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Today I was IMing with a colleague of mine and at the end he wrote me something like ... wear sunscreen ... Sunscreen? What do you mean? I thought he was joking with me about the fact that I am living here in Southern California. But he wasn't. So he sent me this ...... I love it, and I think all my friends will love it. I love it all. Today I was concerned about my Achilles tendon, that is hurting me forever in these days, but this video made a miracle. I forgot about it. It really lifted my mood. If I could choose something out of it, I think I will choose the part and it says ... do one thing, everyday, that scares you. Yep, I think that message was for me. And of course I think I will follow the initial suggestion. I will wear sunscreen ... :D


Malick said...

i am brown skinned,, dont need sun screen ;)) but this video made me start using it. I Love it

Andrea said...

I was sure you were going to love it ... :) XA

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