Friday, January 05, 2007


Jake is back. And that is nice. Really nice. Extremely nice. It is wonderful. Not even that. Actually it is a real blessing. He will be here only for 3 days, but it is just great to have him back. After being my roommate for almost 3 years ... for me Jake is not just a friend ... he is like a brother. Jake is one of these persons who are landing in your life with the grace of a bird and are making your life sweeter, nicer, better, shinier, warmer ... I am sure you have a Jake in your life as well ... my Jake is now living in Shanghai, China and came back to LA ... to the surf club ... to his roommates ... to his old couch ... for these 3 days ... this is Jake ... trying to explain me how to eat a burrito with the chop sticks ... but of course ... in the Mexican restaurant they didn't have chop stick ... so he used the silverware ... :O ...... and here the 3 of us (Leif, Jake and I) ... in Los Muchachos ... our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Hermosa ... the quality of the picture is not really the best ... but it is my favorite picture ever ... like an old family picture ... there is so much love that the actual quality of the picture doesn't matter anymore ...... mmmm ... it is nice to have my brother Jake back home ... why he has to leave again ... :O

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