Wednesday, January 10, 2007


There are things that I don't really understand, or probably that I just don't want to understand ... one of these is the short sighted way in which we are treating our planet ... polluting it and killing it little by little ... in other words ... I don't believe that the only way to create wealth on this planet is to exploit, in the way we are doing now, its resources. And what I saw today few blocks from where I live ... is just telling me that we are really exaggerating ... these are some of the Xmas trees that until few days ago were in the my neighbours homes ...... now they are just good for the trash. I think this is all wrong ... yes ... all wrong. And very sad, I think. It reminds me also of an old joke ... whenever the Chinese will discover the beauty of the toilet paper, the Amazon forest will be destroyed in less than a couple of years. And now I don't know if I have to laugh or to cry ... :o


filale97 said...

it's really a shame!!
ciao andri

Anonymous said...


they are grown in big farms only for this purpose. It is the same as your food your vegetables and everything else. It is ok to talk about but if you want to change the world you have to change the people first. Cheers your roommate;-)

Andrea said...

Actually to me it is not the same ... think about this ...

I need to eat vegetables to survive, I don't need to have a real Xmas tree in the living room to survive.

In order to make grow fast these trees I am sure fertilizers are used, and this are not good at all in the long run because they are going to the ocean and to the fishes. For vegetables a wiser consumer can avoid this.

In order to transport these trees trucks are polluting the air.

We could better use these areas and let them grow trees and make areas where kids can play, rather than ue this land as "Xmas Tree factory".

To me it is like buy a bunch of tomatoes and keep them in the living room and trash them without eating them, it is wrong.

I think our generation is blessed by all the information we have access to and from the fact that still not everything is lost for both peace & environment ... but seems to me that we don't really do enough to help peace & environment. I am just afraid that only some major disaster we wake us up.

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