Saturday, January 13, 2007


Very few of us were here for the new year, so we decided to wait that everybody were back home ... in order to make a "Welcome 2007" party ... and because of the last minute planning ... we called it "Welcome 2007 kinda party" ... and the most surprising thing is that everybody, but Yamamoto & Kerry who are really sick, really showed up ... and believe me ... if you know the attitude of the people here in Southern California it is really a record ... normally you need always to count for 40% of the people who swear that will show up at the party. I guess we made some good noise, because waking up on Sunday ... someone, put this sign on the entrance of our place. We guess probably a neighbour ... half tired and half amused by our alcoholic parties ... ... and we really like it ... so we think we will leave it there ... we just hope it is not a bad voodoo ritual ... :o The party itself was a lot of fun ... we did some very good food, we had alcohol forever, with Loy playing the role of the Somellier ...... the only thing that we didn't expect was the cold weather that in the last 2-3 days is hitting LA. I mean it is not really cold. During the day we still have 63F (17C). But we you are used to have 75F you find people complaining for the winter, even if it still such a great weather ... :D Anyways, we had to start again our fireplace. And not having wood at home, we had to use our neighbours construction site. Actaully abuse of it, is a better wording for what we did. Here Justin, Jason and Oliver going nuts for the wood, but eventually they did. They did really warm up the place ...... and making happy also Jason, who really wanted to cook a typical American meal ... the hot dog ...... the nite ended at Beaches, where Oliver gave the best of himself on the dance floor ...... but definitely has been an other great day with my friends ... I simply love to have them here and spend with them some good time ... in our place ...oooppss ... TIKI HUT ... :o

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