Sunday, January 14, 2007


On January 14th 1907 the city of Hermosa Beach, CA was founded. And today 100 years later, here we are to celebrate its 100th birthday. Definitely a young city. Only 100 years. But really cool. To me it is like living in a Hollywood movie every single day, when I am stepping out of my door and I am going down to the pier. Hermosa and the South bay (South Monica bay) in general are live the California Beach life style I have seen only in movies before I moved here. Tonight the city organized a concert and fireworks ...... something really simple ... as usual ... but nice ...... and here some random pictures we took during the fireworks ...... not sure how long I will still leave here ... but definitely ... I love this place ... and i will always love it ... and even if it doesn't really matter ... I am really glad ... that I was here today ... to celebrate together this birthday ...

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