Monday, January 08, 2007


Tonight was my first yoga class ever. And it has been really nice and also pretty funny. Starting from the way I went there ... with my mighty bicycle ... that I carried with me pretty much anywhere I went ... Ispra, Greece, Israel and now US and on my bicycle vacations in Sicily and Holland ... here a new version ... with the small camping mat blocked in the handlebars ... it fits just perfectly ...... but once I got to the high school where I had the class I didn't really realize how big it was ... and I had to walk forever after I parked my mighty bicycle ... once lost I followed a lady with a yoga mat ... I thought she was going to the yoga class ... until I saw her speed up and got into her car ... she was basically leaving the previous class ... lucky me she didn't call the 911 when she thought I was following her for some other reason which was not find the yoga class ... and on the way back I got even more lost ... at a point I had also to climb a fence because the guards closed me in ... and of course my camping mattress was the highlight in the middle of fancy ultralight yoga mattresses ... I got beaten only but this guy Philip that was also new to Yoga and came with a beach towel ... really nice ... :O ... I was also the only one in shorts ... and last but not least ... when I stepped into the class I realized that I was surrounded by grannies ... and when I found that beside me there was the only blond chick of the class ... I thought I was lucky ... but I actually had more fun with Susi, the lady on the other side ... she has been to Italy and she speaks a little bit of Italian ... so I found myself speaking Italian so slooooooow (in order to help her to better understand) ... that I started to speak in Spanish ... I guess my brain went in a kind of energy saving mode and when I speak that slow I normally speak in Spanish ... so out of my mouth started to pop up ... Spanish words ... I guess I confused enough Susi ... :o ... going back to the chick ... I could just appreciate her panties-non-panties ... or whatever is the name of the micro cord that I like so much ... but I basically didn't see her smile ... since she couldn't really make a smile in the entire 1.5 hour of the class ... a pity ... :) ... so we did the cat and the dog and the child positions and other funny things ... really nice ... he teacher made also the lesson singing ... she put a melody in all the directions she was giving us ... confusing me enough ... so time to time I had to open my eyes and check what the other people beside me was doing ... :) ... the class was really nice ... the teacher told us also that we were supposed to go back and get a kind of light meal like an apple or stuff ... but of course I didn't trust her ... and I trusted more my stomach complains ... and I warmed up some couple of days ago pasta I had in the refrigerator ... really good stuff ...... and after I guess 3 years ... I watched The Simpson's ... the episode was the one when Homer finds out that when he was a child he went to the Woodstock concert and so he decides that he wants to become a hippy ... really a good way to get back to the reality after the high of the yoga class ... :) ... or maybe not ... strange coincidence, though ... Homer Simpson who wants to become an hippy after my first yoga class ... :o

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