Thursday, January 11, 2007


Just a picture today for my post ... a picture that I took tonight and that I like a lot ...... mmm ... actually looking at it ... it is not just a picture. The place is one of my favorite hangouts ... "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf" in Hermosa. She is not just a person ... she is Meera, my colleague Amit's wife. I really like them. Tonight we went out for dinner. And after the dinner we went for a coffee. Not sure why, but in this coffee shop they have always "The Jewish Journal". I am reading it all the time. It is not just a paper, it reminds me of the days in Israel. And the armchair where she seats is a special one for me. It reminds me of a couple of very good friends, and every time I see it, I can see them smiling to me when we took the first coffee together here. Thinking about it, this is not just a picture. It is really a special picture to me.


MM said...


...sometimes a not just a thing.... it can become for ex. a souvenir of a special moment or a special person for you....

...that's why it is impossible for me sell my very old throw away my old dress....etc etc.... :)

.....have a nice Friday! ;)


Anonymous said...

We remember that evening very well... we will always remember our many days and evenings together in Hermosa.

"The couple" and their new baby...

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