Saturday, January 27, 2007


I am lucky. I am definitely lucky. There is no other way to describe the fact that my boss sent me here to Hawaii for a training. And I am also extremely happy to be that lucky. So here I am. I am in Hawaii. Big Island. Today I drove around, trying to enjoy as much as I could the beauties of the Big Island. My list of favourite places is really really long, but definitely Hawaii has a special place in the list. the weather changes a lot depending on what side of the island you are. On the Kona side it is pretty much always clear ...... while on the Hilo side, it is pretty much always rainy. Hard to believe but Hilo, Hawaii is the rainiest city in the 50 US states. Even more than Seattle! Driving I met also this nice group of whale watchers ...At the begin I didn't really see all the wales they were spotting but after a while I managed to see them splashing into the water. Not as exciting as on a boat in the Ocean, but definitely better than in TV ... :D ... I also went to splash myself into the Ocean ... really nice ...... and while I was there I met also a new friend a Honu, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle ...... even if from the picture you can't appreciate the size, believe me, it was more than 3 feet (i.e. 1 meter) long. Really nice. While I was in the water waiting for the honu to re-emerge to take a picture I was thinking how poor of natural beauties is our daily life in the cities. We need to go to Internet to check how a turtle looks like ... well ... at least we have Internet ... :) And here a very nice piece of coast on the Hilo side of the island ...... and these are guys hiking down to go camping and surfing ...Unfortunately, my Achilles tendon is still bad. So I can look them only go down. No hiking for me. And of course Hawaii is not only wonderful beaches and palm trees ... unless you spend all your time in a resort ... and especially for the natives, life is pretty expensive and tough and if you visit the villages where the real people live you can find a lot of run down buildings ...... and also a lot of very fat people, because of the poor food they are getting, with the little money they are making.

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