Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The other day, while I was in the kitchen, Jason was watching "Apocalypse Now" in TV. He was a kind of excited because of the movie and the movie soundtrack, and I guess the beer. He was laughing and commenting and calling me to watch some scenes. We watched together the surfing dude in Vietnam scene. Business as usual, I would say. But at a certain point he starts shouting something like "What is that spider? I saw a spider. There is a spider. I am sure. Where the hell did it go? It was huge. Where the hell is it now?". Basically he saw a spider going down in front of the movie, but he couldn't find it in the living room. We looked for it together. The same result. No spider whatsoever. Jason concluded that probably it was in the movie. I concluded that Jason was definitely more than dizzy. I guess we kind of forgot about it, until today. Jason was watching again the TV when the spider reappeared. This time it wasn't on Apocalypse Now. It was on CNN. And I saw it as well. Basically we really have a spider. And it is inside the TV. And it is also pretty big. Lucky us that we have a 55 inches screen, so at least it doesn't cover all the image. Ehehehe. It is pretty funny. We don't really know how it got there. And we don't really know if we have only one inside. I proposed to open the TV and get rid of it, but Jason and Leif didn't agree. They are afraid we won't be covered anymore by the TV warranty. If it will reappear I will definitely take a picture. Hopefully in the meantime because of the TV radiation it won't get transformed in a monster or in a superhero ... :D ...

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Italian Film Series said...

Hi Andrea, while my exams are driving me crazy, I need to read something completely different sometimes, and I read your funny post about the spider. And DEFINETLY you shoudl seriously think about becoming a photo journalist!
ciao from Michigan,

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