Sunday, April 22, 2007


At the end it blew up. It was something that I feared, but I didn't expect. I feared because the wind was really strong. So this is the tent in the morning, still in one piece, in the Ricardo campground at the Red Rock Canyon State Park ...... wonderful location very close to the rocks. The night has been really crazy. We woke up more than once because of the wind that was moving the tent. In the morning the ranger told us that it is normal to have such a strong wind in the desert and a storm was coming as well. We laughed about the fact that sometimes they find tents flying in the park and they bring them to the visitor center till someone is going to claim them. And I was all proud on the way I nailed down ours. I was sure it was never ever going to fly away. And in fact it didn't fly away. It simply blew up ... the fiber glass sticks didn't like the wind ... they broke, and breaking, they broke also the external cover ... here is what we found at the end of the Sunday morning hike ...
... definitely disappointing ... but even if it is really a major blow up ... I can't understand why people need this stuff to go camping in the weekend ...... anyways not for me. Not my style. But now the tent is just good for the trash, and we will have to use an other tent for the next camping missions ... and for Alaska ... :D

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Anonymous said...

that is too funny! i am glad you took a picture!

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