Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I think I will never forget my experience in the Kings Canyon NP. Definitely, it has been the coldest night I had in a long time, but not only that. And I can't even complain about the cold during the night, because the idea to camp here has been mine. So once we have left the Sequoia NP we went into the Kings Canyon NP, and we found a campground. Due to the snow in the park, the only open was the Azalea campground, this is when with my parents we decide where to put the tent ...... the night has been cold and long, but really great ... the bonfire, the dinner, the cold, the tent, the moon. I have never seen such a beautiful moonrise in my life. Sometimes the beauty of the wilderness makes me wonder if it is really worthwhile to spend all out lives in the city, getting upsets for useless things ...The night will be, of course unforgettable, but also the park during the day is really something amazing ... here some randoms pictures of the park ...This is the General Grant, the third tree by size existing in the planet, pretty impressive to see, unfortunately the picture doesn't give a good understanding of the size of the tree ...and these are other pictures from the park ... more trees, but also deers ...
But of course, you can;t leave a National Park, without a picture with a ranger ... so here are the parents with a ranger in front of her car ...But more than anything else, these two days spent in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP made me think about the beauty and importance of the nature and how much our life are detached by the environment. If I think about it is crazy, we are animals but we are completely detached by the environment. Like last year when I visited Yellowstone and Glacier NP, I had the strong feeling that the nature is where I would like to spend my time. Not in a car or in an office or in an impersonal Starbucks coffee shop or in front of a TV. I should spend my days in trails, my nites sleeping in a tent and my evening around a bonfire and wandering the beauties of the environment. Again, probably I am just a daydreamer.

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