Monday, April 02, 2007


Picture this. You are in a road trip and the road disappeared in a mountain lion region. What's the result? A mess. This is pretty much what happen to me today. So, the story goes like this. This morning on our way from Kernville, CA to the Sequoia NP I decided to take a secondary road. I was told it was really nice. And in fact the scenery was wonderful, and the flowers blooming were irresistible ...... but at the same time the road was getting from paved to white and for white to really full of dips, till at a certain point I saw this sign ...... of course I was sure to be on the right road and I continue. Stupid, I guess and reckless. But still convinced to be on the right road. Till after some pretty hard maneuver, I found myself stuck. My dad and I tried really hard to lift the car, put some stones and give some more grip to the tires. But it didn't really work. We needed something more than just stones.After two hours we had to give up and I had to call the Forest Service and the towing company. The real drama came when they ask me where I was. Easy to ask. Difficult to answer. I took some turn. Probably a bad one. I thought I was on the California Freeway 155, but I found myself on a 4WD trail. and the battery of my cellphone was dying. At the end Moosch, the towing guy understood where I was. He got there in 1 hour and he manage to make the miracle ...And he manged also to scare me when he ask me if I wasn't afraid of mountain lion (i.e. puma). I didn't realize that we were lost in the middle of a mountain lion country. Pretty crazy. And scary when we couldn't find anymore my mom. Fortunately she just had a walk down the trail while Moosch was helping us. Ehehehe. At the end the adventure cost me something like $250 for the towing service. At least the car is still in one piece, it is not even leaking oil, and the mountain lions decided to have their lunch somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

always Adventure at every turn for Andrea :)

Love your pictures - but I always do......glad you and your parents are having a great time!

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