Saturday, April 28, 2007


Even if I love the movie "four weddings and a funeral" ... I don't particularly like weddings, and of course, funerals neither. I think I managed to avoid almost all the weddings I was invited so far. But Saturday I couldn't really say no. And of course Tina and I, like Hugh Grant and his roommate, got to the church way too late ... and when we got there ... the few empty parking spots were already reserved, believe it or not ...... so we stepped into the church and groom and bride were already in. Of course in these cases you don't really want to make everybody aware that you got late to the wedding. So we seat in the bottom seats. But of course at this point "the show" was too far away ...So we decided to take pictures of ourselves ... definitely a closer shot ... :O ...... we definitely had a lot of fun, laughing there at the bottom while those two guys up there were so serious repeating things that the priest was suggesting them ... :D

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Anonymous said...

great picture of you and Tina!!!! :)

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