Thursday, April 05, 2007


Left the Kings Canyon NP we went West. Towards the Pacific Ocean. Because we already visited San Francisco two years ago with my parents, I decided to skip it during this trip and to go directly to the Big Sur, the last piece of our trip. Two days in the Big Sur beauties are the right way to close this road trip in the California wilderness ...We went to visit also Monterey and Carmel by the Sea, my dad really wanted to visit Carmel because he was impressed by what he did read about it. Basically in the town there are no traffic lights, private mail boxes, neon signs ... because they are considered to ruin the city beauty. At a certain point it was even forbidden to eat ice cream in public, but the mayor (Clint Eastwood) changed it. Definitely that was way too weird. We didn't get any ice creams, but we went to see the beautiful hilly white sandy beach ...And we found a campground in a the California Sunset State Beach ... pretty nice ... but not as warm as forecasted by me ... so we needed a new bonfire ... an other one ... before going to sleep in the tent ...... my parents expected some warm weather, but unfortunately it wasn't the case ... but it was so great to see my parent, who are 62 and 60 act like they were 18 ... set up the tent, set up the fire and enjoy the moments ... really inspiring ... really inspiring.

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