Friday, April 13, 2007


I am not sure why, but yesterday, out of the blue, while I was using my laptop, a name popped on my mind. Of course it wasn't a random name. It was the name of a high school friend. A very smart and hard working guy. He is an electrical engineer like me. Much smarter than me. Which is not very difficult, though ... :O So I googled his name. And I found him! And of course he has done really good in his working career so far. He patented some of his ideas. But that is not important to me. The great thing is that is living in US. According to the latest Google data he was living in Dallas, TX. But after I emailed him I found out he lives even closer to me. He lives in Colorado. When I spoke with him on the phone, I felt like I was speaking to a lost friend. I am really happy. I really felt happy. He reminded me so many stories, so many friends, our teachers, our school. We were so naive at that time. Suddenly, I had the chance to look back to 20 years ago, when I was a high school student. At that time I didn't even dream to have such a nice life. And thinking to myself then and now, I realized how lucky I have been so far in my life. And I realized that anything could be achieved if you believe in it. And only thinking about it gave me a lot of energy to continue to pursue my dreams. I am really happy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, i really like this paragraph about your "evolution/jump", since high school till now...i wish it was the same for people living in our country...Italy: all the people who "made it" (not talking about me,but i have several friends in US and even Spain!!), did it abroad: as soon as they left Italy they obtained quite a lot, but when they were living here, they didn't get any results, any chances...why that???

p.s you have to wacht (unless you have already seen it) the german movie "the lives of others" ,simply wonderful
con affetto, alessandra

Andrea said...

There are several reasons I guess ... the main one is that in Italy we have the lowest salaries in the Industrialized countries, highest taxation and the worst public services. For what I know at the moment the job Market in Italy is a kind of a nightmare and even working hard, you can't really build a future for you and your family. People can't even dream anymore. It is like fishing in a dry lake. This is still possible in other countries. US is not the perfect country, but the job market is amazing. You can asily find a job. And if you are good, also a good one. And you know, the more you work, the more you have chances to demonstrate if you are good or not.

Abbraccio Andrea

PS I will look for the movie, thanks.

Mario said...

Hi Andrea, the man you googled for told me that you've been in contact.
I've lost your email.

I was a student in your same high school and University. If you want to contact me again my current address is:

PS I still live in Italy

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