Sunday, April 29, 2007


Carine is still around the World. Actually she is a kind of "stationary" in India, but I guess India is where the entire World is. If you have missed the previous episodes, Carine is a friend of mine, who ha decided to take a sabbatical. Since January she is around. And today and I open my Gmail, I found a bunch of wonderful pictures. I think I looked at them for half hour. I couldn't stop watching them. I was so submerged by the colors. And, of course, I start dreaming about a trip to India. Here are some of them ...Simply amazing! My backpack is ready to go. But I think I will hold my horses. There is a special person that I want to be my travel buddy in India, so I just need to wait the right moment. That will be the perfect trip. Anyways, going back to Carine, if you are interested, Carine has finally decided to make also a blog. She is copying and posting the email she was used to send to her friends. The link to it is on the right bar of this page.

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