Saturday, December 23, 2006


Today the surf was up. A pity that I got busted by the beer last nite so I couldn't really wake up to catch the best waves. But more important today has been also the day of the official induction of Justin into the 244 Monterey Blvd Surf Club. Not sure why but we waited for so long to have Justin into the club. Probably just laziness. The ceremony was as usual very short but of course he had to wear the origina Hawaiian lei ... swear to believe in our motto ... Peace & Love ... which is not difficult for such a nice guy like Justin ... recognize Nelson Mandela as our mentor ... and there you go ... Justin is finally in the club ... and this is the new official Surf Club board ... in 2006 we had 4 new entries ... Jason, Jason, Oliver and Justin ... and of course ... we are ready to release the 2007 version of the 244 Monterey Blvd Surf Club TShirt. All sizes fom S to XXL are available ... :o ... I know everybody are already thrilled by such announcement ... ehehehe ... so here some rumors for you ... looks like the style will be very similar to the 2006 model ... here it is ...
... but of course suggestions are more than welcome ... :D

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