Friday, December 29, 2006


I look at the clock on the microwave oven in my kitchen. It is 7PM here in Los Angeles, California. I make a fast calculation. It is 6AM in Baghdad, Iraq. I open Windows Explorer. I check the breaking news on Internet. Apparently in this very moment Saddam Hussein is going to be executed by hanging. In this same very moment I am also installing Photoshop on my laptop. I can only think that it will take me more to install Photoshop on my laptop, than to other people to kill a man.


Anonymous said...

very true

Anonymous said...

took him even less than that to kill many others

Andrea said...

What you are saying is true. But let me challenge you a little bit here ... I guess that someone now will ask for revenge, and after that we will have an other revenge, and an other and an other again ... so how many cycle of revenge do you think it will take before someone will have enough time to think, and all this crazyness will stop?

Malick said...

Prior to his sentence, Hussein had already lost much of his dignity. In death, he will reclaim it. He doesn't deserve that opportunity.

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