Tuesday, December 19, 2006


... dirty dishes ... and pots and glasses and silverware ... lots of them ... yes ... this is pretty much what you have after a dinner at your place ... when you invite 10 people like I did last nite ...... or at least this is what you see with your eyes ... but there is something that you can't see ... and just feel inside you. It is something much more powerful. It is the happiness to cook for your friends, and share with them something unique ... or at least this is the way I feel ... and reminds me of strange African word ... that I discover few months ago. Since then it is a kind of compass for me. The word is ubuntu, and it is difficult to translate. More than a word is almost an ideology. It can be translated in something like "A person 'becomes human' through other persons" and I guess means that we really need other people around us in order to be really what we are supposed to be. It is a very strong concept in a selfish society like the one where we are used to live everyday. If you are interested here a couple of links to an old BBC NEWS and to WIKIPEDIA. You know what? We don't have a dish washer in our place but I don't really care. I prefer to wash dishes forever, but know that I have friends who shared the meal with me ... but of course if you will be my guests and you will like to wash them you will be more then welcome to do it ... :D

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Very nice!

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