Thursday, December 28, 2006

How a LETTER saved a LIFE

So ... the story goes like this. Today I wrote some letters to some friend and one to my brother. I love to write postcards and letters. And I am lucky enough to have time to do it. When it was time to put the stamps on them ... I realized that I didn't have enough of them. I decided to go to the post office to buy some of them. I go to my room to get some money and the key of the house. The house key is in a little key chain with the garage door. I find the money, but of course I can't find the key chain. Not a big surprise, lately my room is such a mess. Everything is on the floor. So I start cleaning the floor. Nothing. I check in the pockets of the pants in the dirty laundry. Nothing. In the kitchen. Nothing. In my backpack. Nothing. Back to the room. Nothing again. I feel really stupid. This would be my 3rd house keys lost in the last month. I start thinking that there is something wrong with me. I calm down. I try to think when is the last time I used it. It was probably on Xmas day afternoon, when I moved some stuff to the garage. Come on, it can't be there since then. It is now 3 days. I decide to look again in the house. Nothing. At that point I decide to go to the post office and leave the house door open. I get my money, my yellow envelopes and even if I don't think the key can be in the garage lock ... I decide to ride my bicycle in the alley on the back of the house in front of the garage ... I look for it ... and theeeeeeeeeeeere it is! Hurrah! I stop. The garage door is closed. But I am curious to check if anybody did open it and stole something. I don't think so, but it is also true that the key has been there for 3 days. The garage has an electric motor to open the door. I turn the key. The garage door slowly opens. And a cat jumps out of the garage! I can't believe this! That poor cat has been there for 3 days ... with no water and no food. Probably it did enter on Xmas day and it was asleep when I closed the door. Poor cat. I am glad that I did open that door. I think how all this did happen and why I did look for the key chain. I look at the yellow envelops that I have in my hands ... and I smile ... they really saved that poor cat life ... :o

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