Monday, December 25, 2006


I need to be honest ... for this Xmas ... in the imaginary letter that I sent to Santa ... I asked a couple of things ... have a sunny Xmas day with nice glassy waves ... and an other more personal request ... but I guess that is too personal for the blog ... but again if you know me ... it is pretty easy to find out what it was ... :o And I have to admit that Santa made be really happy this year ... so after a boogie nite ... I woke up and even if completely sleepy I recognize that ... I was in the moooooooooost perfect Xmas day I ever had ... at 9AM we had already 68F degrees (i.e. 19C), the sky was blue, and no wind ... and high tide ... so the waves were perfectly glassy. But as usual the unexpected is always the best ... and today the unexpected was Bryan, who never dressed a wetsuit before, and put it backwards ... so Justin and I had to convince him that in the wetsuit the zipper is in the back and not in the front ... really funny! And of course we didn't miss to take a picture ... so here we were ... Justin, Bryan and myself in my porch ready to walk down to the beach and go surfing ...... unfortunately ... I forgot to ask to Santa to made me a master in surfing at least during the Xmas day ... so I caught my waves ... but nothing impressive ... but again ... my fault ... I didn't ask to Santa ... I will have to remember for next year ... hopefully I will still be here for an other incredible Jolly Surfing Xmas ... :D

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Erika said...

haha thats funny.

Nice blog!

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