Friday, November 02, 2007


I think Nepal is making me a vegetarian. This Dashain festival full of animal sacrifice made me think a lot. And I realized that I don't think it is fair what we are doing to these poor animals. And I don't thikn that our diet based on animal meat is really sustainable for our planet. And last, but not least ... my diet doesn't really need much meat. And an other reason why Nepal can make you vegetarian is because there is really such a variety of vegetarian food that can make happy everybody. At least made me really happy. This is my first meal post Dashain. I found a safe shelter from the crazy animal sacrifice in this small little restaurant in Bhaktapur ...I loved the food, and I loved also the plates. They area made with leafs. And to me they are such a great idea. So much better than the plastic plates we use in the western world. We have so much to learn, from the so called poor world, about sustainability ...Look how simple and environmentally clean are serving a salad in Nepal ...

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Anonymous said...

Missing fired potato with vegetables... even the boiled vegetable tasted much better... what mystery there?

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