Friday, November 16, 2007

PALPA, Nepal

I am again on the move. From Lumpini I have decided to go north. Next stop is Palpa. A small little town in the middle of the hills. Not the most impressive village I have seen in my life ... ... bust still pretty interesting. At the same time my holidays are running out, so I can't really stop more than one day. So, what is in Palpa? What I liked the most are some local street food sellers. And because the restaurants were closed, for the Dashain festival, this is where I had my lunch and afternoon snack...The main attraction of Palpa is a small temple with kamasutra tiles on the wall. These are the tiles, and these are some pigeons inside the temple. They have definitely learned the lesson ...And these are my two new Indian friends, Amar and Vibha. They are from Varanasi, India. And they are here for few days of vacation. We took a short walk on top of a hill. I loved to spend some time with them. I think that meeting new friends is the best thing about travelling ...and who knows. Maybe I will meet them again during my next India trip ... :D

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Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
how r u? Where r u? we are AMAR & VIBHA from varanasi(INDIA);

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