Thursday, November 08, 2007


The more I am travelling in Nepal and the more I love its people. They are the real jewel of this country. Much more than any Himalaya peak and any monument. They are simple, honest, always helpful and absolutely lovely. Their traditional dresses are the perfect match with the beautiful buildings. So I have decided to dedicated also to the people of Patan a small entry in my blog ...And I really love the way they are relaxing. It is very common to find people taking a nap. I don't think they are homeless. They are just relaxing. Can you imagine a person in one of our cities just taking a nap in the street? It is so rare to see people really enjoying their time in our society. Maybe because we don't have enough time to do it. We need to work and make more money and get a better job, and make more money again. In the meantime we forget that we maybe the scope of our life is as simple as to be happy ...
I think that the pictures are nice, but see this people with your eyes is much nicer. So I hope, you will have the chance to visit Nepal soon.

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