Thursday, November 15, 2007


One of the things that I like the most, when I am travelling, is to use the public transportation. I really thing that is the best way to know both locals and backpackers. An of course I did the same also here in Nepal. But here it is all different. In the Dashain festival period, the bus are really overcrowded and of course the roads are really bumpy and the trips are really long. You can really make good friends on the bus, but forget about relaxing and enjoying the landscape. Actually the bus are so crowded that most of the time, you can't even see the landscape. Here are some pictures that I took during my Nepal trip. Let's start for the boarding ...And of course the people is going on the rooftop because inside it is way too busy. The funny thing is that, as far as I can tell, these bus don't move their butt unless all the bus is full. Way too full. So you will always find people who have to stay on the rooftop. And that is true also for very long trips. And this is the inside of a bus. Still not full enough to leave ...And of course, because we are in a Hindu country, the cows are holy. And free to roam in the bus station. Thanks G-D ... they don't have any right to travel without a proper ticket ...And here is when almost full, but not quite, we are ready to go ...But of course the great thing about the bus is that you can really meet the real people. Even the tourist that you meet here are more interesting, than the one that you meet in the classical touristic spots. Or maybe it is just the same people who has a different attitude when they are are mixed with all the local people. And an other thing not to forget, is that at every stop there is always some snack to eat ...In conclusion, if I can suggest ... if you are going to Nepal, don't ride the "tourist bus". Get into a crowded and slow local bus ... I am pretty sure that you will love it ... :D

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