Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today is August 35th 2006

As far as I know all the postcards that I sent from Nepal, finally got to all my friends. But I have to admit that the process from my side hasn't been that smooth. So this is a typical Nepali Post Office ...... I know it doesn't look nothing like a Post Office. It looks more like a cowshed. But believe me. It is a Post Office. And that office is the stage of one of the funniest situations that I had here in Nepal. So I want to send some postcards to my friends. But I realized that I bought the wrong stamps. I think I need some 5 rupees more for each postcard. So I go to the Post Office to check, just to be sure. And the guys who are working there start discussing between them on the correct postage. After a while they decide to pull out a book ...They decide that for Italy I need 5 rupees more. But they can't decide for Germany. I try to convince that it must be the same. They don't agree. After a while I realize that they can't find Germany in their book. I can't believe Germany must be there. But I can't really help them much. It is written in Nepali language. The alphabet is different. So I can't really read what they are reading. After few minutes I decide to help them. And I realize that they can't find Germany because they are looking under the "Middle East" section. So I tell them to look under "Europe". And they finally find Germany. At this point, I found out that a couple of my postcards is missing. Basically a guy who was passing by, grab them and start looking at them. He told me he never saw the Everest. And he asked me if the one in the mountain in the postcard is the Everest. I felt soooo ashamed to be so lucky. This guy is from Nepal and he never had the chance to see the Everest. And I flew all the way from the other side of the World to see it. Sometimes life is not fair. But I have an open business with the post office. I need the stamps. Even if locked in a double locked box, I finally get the stamps I need ...And I even get the stamps validated in front of me. After 15 minutes I am still there in the so called post office, but I got my "business" done ... And to remember the funny experience I ask to stamp the date on my travel guide. And here is the result ...... today is August 35th 2006. Confused I ask to the post officer what is going on. The answer? "Yes, you are right. But we rarely change the date. Not worth it" ... I leave the post office with a huge smile.He is right ... soooooooo right ... :D

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