Sunday, November 11, 2007


I came on vacation here in Nepal, but I really felt at home here. And one of the things that made me feel at home were the street vendors. I am not sure why, but I love them. Maybe because they are not as intimidating as a regular shop. Actualy, for what I have seen, most of the shopping happens in the streets here. There are very few shops with walls and door. Everything is outdoor. So I took also some pictures to give you a feeling of how it is shopping here in Nepal. This is how a Nepali street looks in the morning from the hotel room. They are there with their bicycle baskets full of oranges and lemons and ginger and apples ...And these are the vegetables vendors in the streets ...

And what about an ice cream? No food is pre-packaged here in Nepal. And I think they are right to do so. They are avoiding a lot of plastic trash ...
These are the fish vendors. Fish is not really fresh. It is all fried. And honestrly I didn't dare to buy it. Still trying to be vegetarian.
And these are some other random vendors that I found on my way
And of course if you don't know where to put all your shopping you can buy a purse in the street as well. I didn't check, but I am pretty sure they had also some fake Prada ones ...

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