Friday, November 23, 2007


The trip from Pokhara to Bandipur has been more exciting than expected. I was expecting an other long bumpy bus trip. And I had it. But on top of that I had also to take a jeep to the hilly village of Bandipur. But when I got there I found out that the jeep was way too full. "On the roof, Sir". "Are you sure?". "Sure, sure. 15 rupees, Sir". "OK, OK". "But is it safe?". "Safe, safe, Sir. No worries. Nobody killed on this jeep". And with a pretty wishful thinking that the story is repeating itself, I found myslef on the roof of the jeep ...The driver was pretty good, but I have to admitt that the curves scared me a little. Now it is fun to look at the picture, but there I got a little bit worried ... anyways ... like Nietsche was used to say ... "What is not killing us, is making us stronger" ... that was my case for this jeep ride ... :D

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