Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am still here in Nepal. And here in Nepal it is still Dashain festival time. After the animal sacrifices of the last days now everybody are busy shopping around. Like Xmas for us. I like it. The only thing that I find hard is that all the restaurants are pretty much closed. Lunch is still OK, it is easy to find some food. But dinner is becoming a small drama. Every day is the same. I kind of forget of it until it is too late. And tonight in Patan has probably been the worst. I realized that I was hungry only after sunset, when all the street food vendors were home. This is the only open restaurant ...Of course I decided that it was too much for me. Too much. So I decided to continue my food hunting. Not an easy one. But I finally found a small shop, which was selling yogurt. This is a special yogurt that is prepared for the Dashain festival. They had one pot left, and of course I bought it. So this was my dinner, 1/2 kg of yogurt. At that point happy about my small shopping cart, I decide to head to my hotel. And there an other surprise. The hotel where I ws staying was also a restaurant. And because the restaurant was closed for the Dashain festivity, they decided to close th main door. And I was, of course, on the wrong side of the door. Intercom? Broken! And there I started getting nervous. But I started knocking the door. 10 seconds. Nothing No answer. 30 seconds. Nothing. I started shouting. "Heeeeeeeellooooooo is anybody theeeeeere?". Nothing. I was there with my stupid yogurt outside my lodge, with no chance to b heard. I continued to nervously play with intercom, shout and knock the door. Nothing. After 5 minutes I was really worried. After 10 minutes, I though to go and find an other room to sleep. When suddenly a guy came out from nowhere. He heard my shout. And lucky me, he had a cell phone and he knew the number of the hotel owner. In 30 seconds, that idiot of the hotel owner showed up and he said that "because of the festival they closed the restaurant". I tried to explain something. But I think I was to nervous to make any sense out of my thoughts. Finally I could start my dinner. I seat in an empty table of the empty restaurant of the hotel. Here it is ...The yogurt was really tasty, and I felt really lucky that I managed to find it. I was there seating at a table in the garden. All busy eating my yogurt when suddently a bomb dropped on my table. Just few inches from my dinner. This was the bomb ...... I guess I was lucky that it didn't splash neither on my head nor on my dinner. That would have been a disaster ... :D The morning after it has been even funnier. When I tried to have a shower I realized that there was no running water in the hotel. And of course, no hotel worker was there to help me. So I had to go to the Durbar square to wash my face ...Good thing that I was not alone ... :D

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