Friday, October 12, 2007

The TOP of the WORLD

Ninth day of the Everest Base Camp Trekking. Today we are going to see the sunrise over the Top of the World! The plan is to go to Kala Pathar (5,600 meters). Kala Pathar means "black rock" and it is basically a small hill above the Gorak Shep (5,400 meters) station where we are sleeping. From there we should the best view of the Everest that a trekker can have. After this, if you want to have a better view of the Everest you either you go up to climb a 7,000 meters mountains around here or you have to take a flight. But going back to our plans. We had a very very early wake up call. And we started trekking around 4AM. The stars we beautiful, but a part of those there was not much to see. This is a picture that I took on the way up. Basically you can't even see your companions ...... we were the first to get there.the sun was not raised yet. And it was really cold. And foggy. And cold and foggy. These are Jake, Lisa and Vishnu waiting for the sunrise ...... and suddenly the sunrise came and the Everest, the Top of the World decided to show his face. The funny thing is that even from there the Everest doesn't look like the highest peak. The Everest (8,850 meters) is the peak in the middle. But it is 7 km away. So Nuptse (7,900 meters) on the right looks bigger, because it is closer to us ...... we didn't know that sunset is better than sunrise for pictures over there. But we were still very happy to make it there. Yes, now I can say that I saw a sunrise over the Everest! Ehehehe! And this is the top of Kala Pathar (5,600 meters) full of trekkers with i the background Pumori (7,200 meters). The hike was pretty hard because of the thin air, but definitely worthwhile. A picture I will always keep in my mind. Especially the picture with Jake, there, on the top of the World, we were definitely missing Leif ...
... so this is my top of the World. And you know what? It has been special only because I was with friends ... otherwise it would have been just a Mountain ... :)

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Andrea!!! congratulations...
un abbraccio, ale-vizza

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