Saturday, October 13, 2007


Once you go up to the top, in a way or in an other you have to come down. And not necessily the downhill part is the worst! This was the case for us coming down from our Everest Base Camp trekking. From Kala Pathar (5,600 meters) it took us something like 10 hours trekking to get down to Pangboche (3,900 meters). Quite an impressive descent, especially landscape wise. In 1 day trekking we went from almost touching the Everest to below the tree line. And I have to say that once I start seeing trees, I realized how much I missed them in the previous days. And coming down I could better appreciate the beauty of the mountain. These are the pictures of the day different landscapes you can see in one day in the Himalaya going downhill ... from the fresh snow of the 5,600 meters, to the yaks. The women collecting potatoes in the 3,900 meters of Pangboche. And still a wonderful clear sky morning in Pangboche the morning after. I really like the warm Nepali people. When you are up in the mountains, you can meet only stupid tourists like me, all keen to get higher and higher. While down there are really villages, with kids playing around and people living their daily life every day ...

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