Sunday, October 28, 2007


Nepal and Tibet have a couple of things in common. One is the Himalaya range. And the other one is the Buddhist religion. But their history in the last 50 years has been very very different. Tibet has been invaded by China, while Nepal is still enjoying Independence. As a result of the Chinese invasion, a lot of Tibetans moved here, to Nepal. And the Bodhnath stupa is where they are gathering everyday to pray. The monument is really big. Very difficult to picture if you have never visited it. Here the Tibetan exiles, and not only them, come to pray and to enjoy beauty of the stupa and the monasteries around and the Tibetan food and the warm welcome that everybody will give you here ...

I loved to spend time chit-chatting with the monks here. They are really exquisite people. They like to speak with everybody and if they like to answer questions, to ask questions, and to share some warm cup of tea.I have to admit that I really love when I meet kind people. It cheers me up. I really believe that people can be the best and the worst part of the creation.And unfortunately the more I am travelling into my life, the more I realize that it is really thin the difference between a good person and a bad person. In most of the cases, people is just afraid to show their real feelings, and to love. In a word they are just afraid. That is why I love here so much. This trip is such a blessing for me. I never met so many warm and welcoming people. And today was an other perfect day like those. I really loved to be here ad just seat down in front of the stupa, and speak about life, religion and love with those monks. At the end of the day we were lucky enough to spend some times in a monastery. This is a picture that we took inside it. And this is also the last picture of Lisa, Jake and myself together. Tomorrow morning Lisa will leave us , and she will continue her trip. And in a couple of days it will be Jake's time. Such a shame. But it will be nice, in a way. I will have to find new friends. And I am sure I will be lucky here in Nepal.

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