Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Without any doubt Bhaktapur is my favourite town in Nepal. I really love it here. The architecture is wonderful. The people is really nice. There are lots of restaurants, but unlike Kathmandu, they serve more Nepali food than foreign food. And, last but not least, there are very few tourists. Not sure why. It is Nepal most intact medieval town and it is also an UNESCO heritage site. So it is not really a very well kept secret. And it is only 30 minutes by taxi from Kathmandu. Maybe it is because it is so close to Kathmandu, that people forget about it. Or maybe it is because you need to pay $10 to enter the old town. Who knows. Anyways I am glad that Jake and I are among the few tourists here.After a rainy day, the weather finally turned clear and the sky made this town, even more beautiful. This is probably one of its famous buildings. It is the Nyatapola temple. Not sure if you can see it, but it is a 5 floor building. And according to the local it inspired, temples thru Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan where the Pagodas were built using this as a model.And this is one of the thousands of the stone carvings that you can see, just wandering around the town. I think it is Shiva. But what is amazing about this city is that you can walk through it for days and still you are not tired of it.

I could have put thousands of pictures. But I didn't. I just hope you will get inspired and you will decide to go there. It is really worthwhile. Maybe before going to Bhakptapur, watch the movie "The Little Buddha". Most of it it has been shot here ... :)


Tara said...

U mean "little Buddha" the film was shot at Bhaktapur, not "Last Emperor"

Andrea said...

Of course, of course ... :D ... Igot confused with an other Bertolucci's masterpiece ... :D

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