Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Still here in Namche Bazaar after the early morning acclimatization trek, I went to discover the village. This is the biggest village that we will found on the way to Everest. And it is also the capital of the Sherpa region. If you are coming from the rich Western World, you will find that the village is poor. But you have to think that this is still the richest in the mountain. All the trekkers stop here for acclimatization, and they spend some of their money, making the village pretty rich, compare to its neighbour villages ...So let's start from my bedroom in the teahouse. Here it is. Very tiny and very basic. And very much in the mountain style. I am so glad that I brought my sleeping bag ... :) ...It is a mountain village, but it is very different from the ones I am used to visit in Europe or in US. Of course there are no cars, no motorcycles and no bicycles here. You can only walk around, or try to ride a yak. And the yaks, provide also the fuel for the stoves. But before it can be used it has to dry a little ...But of course the best part of Namche Bazaar is its people. This is Tenzing the only monk who lives in the local Buddhist Gompa (monastery). Although he doesn't speak neither Italian nor English (and I don't speak Nepali) we managed to communicate. He was really nice and he show me all the Gompa. Here some pictures ...And this is the local post office. So different from a USPS post office, actually it doesn't look as a post office at all. It is a one man - one room business, but still the letter that I sent from here was eventually received. I guess it had to be carried downhill with a yak. Everything for 30 Nepali Rupees, 50 US cents. Pretty amazing. But maybe not. The beauty of this trip is also the fact that I see such a different lifestyle. But still people live here, have a home, have a job and is happy and kids go to school. It makes me think. It makes me realize that our lifestyle is not the only possible. Meeting this people I had the serious feeling that this people is much happier than the people that I see everyday in my city.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! This is so amazing Andrea - I know you loved it.

You make you happy :)

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