Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jake and I didn't really expect it. I mean we knew that we are very close to, Dashain, the biggest Nepali festival. And we know that Dashain is the biggest animal sacrifice in Nepal. At the same time when we saw this old couple hanging around a small temple, with a small goat, we thought they were just going to bless the small animal, for some sacrifice that was going to happen in the next days. So I pulled out my camera to take some innocent picture ...The old lady was throwing some water on the goat. The old map was gently pushing the goat towards the temple. Almost an idyllic set. When suddenly the old man grabs the goat, lift it and put it inside the small temple. And there is the old man pulls out his loooooong knife and the impossible happens. He cut the throat of the goat. And it is really a bloodshed in the small temple.And here is when after the goat is beheaded, the old man cuts the stomach of the animal and pulls out a piece of intestine to make a balloon out of it. Really weird. But overall really shocking how you can kill an animal. A poor animal, that has really done nothing to us.At the same time, when I took the picture of this old couple, I saw in their eyes some pride. Probably the pride for such a long tradition. Probably they have seen doing it from their grandparents, when they were kids. And now they are doing it for their nephews. And probably this is one of the few times during the year, when this people eat some meat. And I left the small temple, paved by blood and I realized that is not really shocking the fact that this old man killed a goat. But really the fact that everyday we are killing animals without really any need. Nowadays we could easily have a vegetarian diet and let the animals live in peace.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to miss out although I didn't see Dashin elsewhere myself. Admitted that I was intending to avoid it...

Anonymous said...

This Nepali people are completely illeterate. They have no understanding of worship or sin. The God has blessed them with dark and suffering life, living like wild animals, slaves, etc. Today, they are truly wild gorilas we normally see in the zoo.
I wish some day the light of education will enlight their dark knowledge and they will behave like sensible human.

Sidanth Chhetri said...

my anonymous you are probably the most ignorant person in the whole world...sacrifice prevails in almost all religions, sects and tribes of the world and you are totally racist and wrong to say that Nepali people are're illiterate my friend..first know how to spell illiterate!! you call us wild and think that we are blessed with dark and suffering lives you're sick and mentally retarded..may you have the same life that you think we have..believe in karma..what goes around comes around...we could have a long discussion but its in vain..think you're too full of yourself!!!!

Andrea said...

I tend to agree with Sidanth ...

Anonymous said...

The civilization is suffering from superstations since its formation. Illiteracy and foolish superstations have defined our religious customs. Every illiterate ad add to the superstation because of poor or no realization. Illiterate Taliban gives Islam a barbaric meaning, in India Tantric has created a f*****G version of Hinduism (sanatan dharma), and there are similar Christians who has spoilt the meaning of Christianity. The actual problem is true literacy.
Animal sacrifice is common in Nepal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, some part of Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Needless to say Indian illiterate community has strong presence in these states.
In this lawless country weak governments never tried to develop awareness because leaders are unaware. I remember a district Superintendent of Police (I forgot name of that foolish guy) of Assam sacrificing a buffalo in temple……such a illiterate guy he is!!! The escaped powerless king of Nepal is another such character. I hope someday such shameful superstations will be checked by strict law.
Dr. Sandeep Sharma, NY, USA.

Anonymous said...

Hindu religious superstations are like HIV+ infection, there is no cure except literacy. Thanks GOD, these illiterates are not practicing public intercourse or gang rape as part of rituals!
Sudipto Mukherjee. Kolkata

Anonymous said...

Sidanth, no doubt there are stupid rituals in Hinduism. Nepal being one of the most illiterate state in the world these stupid rituals are highly visible. So don’t try to encourage these funny acts by publishing such meaningless comments. Your literacy should transform you to a human with a head & brain.
John Robinson, UK

Anonymous said...

Going by the records, Nepal is one of the six poorest country in the world. The same applies to its literacy rate. Poverty and illiteracy cultivated all these religious superstations over the centuries. According to Nepalese animal sacrifice brings happiness and wealth……but, the reality is in front of everyone! Day by day poverty is gripping common citizen there.
The wealth is enjoyed by Kings family, rest of population struggle for 2 times meal. Recently, the King’s criminal son was found in fake currency racket. He was pumping Pakistan printed fake currency in to India.
Needless to say more.
Judy Bullard, AZ, USA.

the blogger that you ain't said...

to Mr. Robinson i really appreciate your comments but the fact of the matter is I wish you were a Nepalese and would read comments like that about your community...generalizing the whole community...its sort of unfair and biased isn;t it??? and you know what..i think you believe your perspective of looking at things is the only way in the each their own son!!!...just f£$%ing crawl back to ur mum's stinky mingy vagina!!! and suck a cock whilst you're at it!!!

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