Monday, October 22, 2007


Kathmandu, Nepal. Even if it looks like ages now, I was here just a couple of weeks ago. But it was just one day and I didn't really have much time to really explore it. Then I was too busy organizing the Everest Base Camp trekking. It is such a shock, after 2 weeks of pristine Himalaya landscapes, to land here and look around. So probably still in a high altitude withdraw, we decided to have lunch in the restaurant on the highest rooftop terrace in town, and this is the view ...

... really shocling! But it is so nice to have such a big choice of food and stores. So different from the mountains. After the lunch, we spent all day around. The number of people around was really overwhelming. But it was nice to be among them. Difficult to describe. But I had a very warm feeling. And the colors and the shops. Everything here is so different from the mountains. At the same time you understand why people leave the countryside and come here, in the city, to live. Here in Kathmandu you can really find whatever you want. Probably not what you really need in life (happiness), but some sort of surrogates of it (material possessions). Even if it sound naive I was myself really amazed to see so much goods on sale. I can't imagine the shock of a person who grew up in the mountains moving here ...

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Anonymous said...

I really like the 3rd picture down from the top of the monkeys (yes the others too but especially that one)
They really are like little people like you say. I always think of the Baraka opening shot with the monkey in the water.

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