Tuesday, October 09, 2007


What can you do in a sleepy Himalaya afternoon at 4,900 meters altitude? Go and check out the local pyramid! Yes, even if there are no camels and the river Nile is pretty far, one of the local attractions in Lobuche is a pretty big pyramid! And it is an Italian pyramid! It is actually a research center in the middle of the mountains, exactly at 5,050 meters! It is a 3 story building self-sufficient from the energetic point of view. The entire pyramid is covered with photovoltaic cells. Pretty cool to see. Here are some pictures of the pyramid and of the area around it ...... but a part of the cool looking, if I need to be honest with you, I am not really sure if they are doing anything interesting there. We visited it inside and when I was there I did ask some questions to the technicians, and I didn't really get any detailed answers about what they were doing and how to access to the results of the experiments. The overall equipment looked pretty old to me. Just to give you an example, if I understood correctly from what the lab technicians told me one of the tasks of the center is also to make weather forecast, but when we ask for a 2 days weather forecast they didn't gave us a good one. They told us ... tomorrow cloudy and the day after tomorrow sunny. Our guide looked at the sky and he told us ... tomorrow sunny and the day after tomorrow funny! And it was actually pretty precise. So ... the high tech computer of the pyramid were, of course, less accurate than our Sherpa! From there I gave to the pyramid a new nickname ... high tech piece of sh*t ... unfortunately it has been paid with Italian taxes ... :O

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