Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's over, it's over and it's over! Bloody hell ... it's over! We did it! I am sure it is not completelly over ... but like I told yesterday to a colleague ... this was like OHAMA BEACH for us ... and even if wounded, we managed to survive ... by itself this is a success ... so I am in WASHINGTON DC now ... and in the afternoon I presented the final deliverable to our customer and it's over! But believe me it has been painful to get to this point! In the last days this project has been really a pain in the *ss ... I think in the last week we worked an average of 18 hours a day ... and Tuesday it has been the worst ... or the best ... depending from the point of view ... after the previous night we finish at 3AM ... we went into the office at 10AM and we left at 1PM .. of the day after ... 28 hours straight ... but at the end we made it ... we managed to pull out a good work ... and believe me ... when you work for so long things get really strange ... and funny ... like when around 2AM my colleague RADHIKA pull out for us a small DJ SHOW ...... or when at 5AM we went to the VENDING MACHINE at the 2nd floor and we found out that it was broken ... basically it was giving credit without retaining the coins or giving random coins back ... we went down with 80cents ... and we came back with $1 and all these goodies ...... we renamed it ... THE DREAM MACHINE ... or when around 5PM in order to have the attention of a (male) colleague back in Europe (over there it was late night and I desperately needed him to answer to some question on a way a tool was supposed to work) ... I played on the fact that he had never seen me and probably he thought I was a girl because of my name (i.e. Andrea) ... during the 1 hours email exchange we had ... I was afraid to loose him ... with the secrets he knew about the tool ... and I started made him compliments ... and telling these things that girls are telling us (guys) when they need a favor ... like that ... "you are sooooooooooooo nice to answer me this late" ... and that "I can't wait to meet you" ... and ... " you are so smart" ... or ... "when are you coming to US I want to take you out to dinner and show you Dallas" ... and other b*llsh*ts like that ... but you know what?!?! ... it did work out ... I definitely got the detailed answers I needed ... and without them we were in deep sh*t ... and yes definitely ... things get really strange when you work that long ... and now I can't wait to get on the flight to LA tomorrow and have a weekend full of beer, surfing, skateboarding and friends ... yyyyeeeaaahhhh ... and believe me ... I can do that not for 28 hours straight ... but for 28 days straight ... :D


Nataf said...

I bet you are so busy that you don’t even have a time to check your blog but I just wanted to say we already miss you here in Dallas.

Andrea said...

U right ... this weekend has been really great ... I will put some of the stories and the pictures soon in the blog ... either tonite or tomorrow nite ... XA

Claudio Mattiello said...


Andrea said...

Of course ... :D XA

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