Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Still in the office. And probably I will be here again until 3AM. An other crazy day full of work for me and my coleagues ... lately we are running at an average of 18 working hours / day ... but, of course, I have 5 minutes of relax for my blog ... so today is AUGUST 15th ... for most of the people this is just an other day ... for Italians, like me, this is FERRAGOSTO ... a day off ... the peak of the summer ... a party day ... the parties in Italy are as crazy as in US for the 4th of JULY ... but for most of Italians it is also the end of the summer ... the last sunset of the summer ... and this was today's sunset in Dallas when I went to drink a coffee a couple of hours ago ...... so I guess, as Italian, this is the SUNSET ON THE 2006 SUMMER ... too bad ... :o ... and ... travelling outside your country means also get ride of your habits, your holidays, your parties ... but I guess it is something I like ... and of course I can't wait to go back to LA to surf ... for the continuation of my summer ... like in the classic surfing movie ... ENDLESS SUMMER ... :D

1 comment:

Pluto said...

well it s not so bad spend ferragosto in dallas instead in italy :-) lucky u

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